Evaporating Medium

  • Sponge cloth for maximum water evaporation

    • The Kalle Sponge Cloth not only absorbs water very effectively, it also releases it back into the air. Our special types of sponge cloth use these product properties to maximum effect. As an evaporation medium, the sponge cloth helps to create a pleasant indoor climate, while in refrigeration technology it enables the controlled and complete evaporation of condensation.

      Sponge cloth for a pleasant indoor climate

      Particularly in the heating period, the relative humidity in living and working spaces frequently falls below 40%; irritations of the airways, loss of concentration, exhaustion and tiredness are frequent consequences – productivity becomes significantly inhibited.

      Even in the past, the importance of appropriate humidification was recognised. A pot of water was placed on top of wood and coal-burning stoves to provide the room with a certain amount of humidity through the slow evaporation. Modern heating systems, well insulated homes, heat-insulated and sealed windows mean that today there is hardly any natural exchange of exterior and interior air. Therefore, the humidification of the dry interior air must be increased to the optimum value of 55% by using appropriate humidifiers.

    Since water evaporates even at room temperature (unless the air is already saturated with steam), one use of the Kalle Sponge Cloth is in "passive" humidifiers. A container with water and a sponge cloth is fitted onto a central radiator. Due to water's ability to rise and the large surface area of the sponge cloth, excellent evaporation performance is enabled, even if the water level falls. This principle of evaporation is self-regulating; relative humidity never exceeds 65%.

    The Kalle Sponge Cloth boasts anti-fungal properties and provides lasting prevention of germs.

    Sponge Cloth in Refrigeration

    Water plays a leading role in the Earth's atmosphere. Water evaporates at room temperature, unless the air is saturated with steam.

    Refrigeration uses this principle to its advantage. The water condensation arising from the refrigeration process shall be released into the ambient air through evaporation (transformation from fluid to gas).

    • The "Special" type of sponge cloth, developed especially for this application, enables controlled and complete evaporation of the condensation arising in professional refrigeration cabinets and facilities.

      This special sponge cloth material can also be equipped with anti-fungal and anti-flammable properties and thus conforms to the latest DIN ("German Industrial Standard") for this application.

    Kalle sponge cloth in flammability tests