Sound Absorption

  • Sponge Cloth in Acoustics

    The Kalle Sponge Cloth is ideal for sound absorption. Due to its large internal surface area and porous structure, it is particularly suitable for improving the acoustic characteristics of a room.

    The acoustic characteristics of a room should enable the users a high level of hearing and speaking comfort. Optimal acoustic conditions are achieved if acoustic noise across the entire frequency area is absorbed in a balanced manner and language or music is distributed melodiously.

    • Sound absorption or soundproofing takes place particularly efficiently in porous materials with a large internal surface, whereby acoustic energy is transformed into heat (friction between the vibrating particles of the sound propagation medium and the skeletal elements of the porous material). Due to the large internal surface and its porous structure, the Kalle Sponge Cloth is particularly suitable for improving the acoustic characteristics of a room in a targeted manner. The degree of sound absorption can be influenced by using sponge cloths of different thicknesses.

      A strong performer in any frequency range

      High degrees of sound absorption can be achieved in the case of low frequencies, for example, with an especially thin sponge cloth quality; a maximum amount of sound absorption in the case of medium frequencies (500 to 1000 Hz) enables a different, somewhat thicker quality.

      Sponge cloths for pitch-perfect acoustics

      Through using different sponge cloth qualities in a targeted manner, the reverberation period in a room with identical visible surface and ceiling height can be thus adjusted to requirements optimally and this way create melodious room acoustics. The sponge cloth material used for this application is equipped with anti-flammable properties.