• Where is FLUISORB® used?

    FLUISORB® is suitable for absorbing all low to high viscosity fluids (apart from concentrated acids):

    • Diesel and heating oil
    • Hydraulic oil
    • Gearbox oil
    • Petrol
    • Special oils
    • Cooking oils
    • Lubricants
    • Lyes
    • Bases
    • Solvents
    • Emulsions
    • Paints
    • Bodily fluids
    • and many more

    Examples of applications:

    Outdoor applications: Used in public traffic areas by fire brigades, road maintenance services, haulage firms and vehicle recovery companies

    Example: Hydraulic oil spillage in a car park

    • The accident:

      Leak of hydraulic oil in the parking area of company premises


    • The solution:

      FLUISORB® is applied by the emergency team.


    • FLUISORB® acts:

      The binding agent absorbs the hydraulic oil.

    • After use:

      FLUISORB® soaks up every trace of the hydraulic oil. The emergency team sweep up the granules with the absorbed oil and dispose of them.

    Indoor Uses: Warehouse, production, workshops, recycling companies, chemicals and other industries, food producers, and many more

    Example: Leaking defoamer in a warehouse

    • The accident:

      The defoamer in a warehouse is leaking.


    • FLUIRSORB® acts:

      Upon application, the oil binder quickly absorbs the defoamer.

    • FLUISORB® absorbs leaving no residue


    • After use:

      FLUISORB® soaks up every trace of the defoamer. The emergency team easily sweep up the granules with the absorbed defoamer.


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