Product description

What is FLUISORB®?

FLUISORB® is an oil binding granulate made from natural cellulose and cotton fibres. From road traffic accidents to accidents in the workplace, FLUISORB® has the power to absorb hydraulic fluid, heating oil, diesel and many other liquid chemicals quickly and thoroughly.

The absorber works fast to restore surfaces and make them safe to walk and drive on again. FLUISORB® has been tested as a Type R III oil binder and is approved for use on floors and all public road surfaces.

Natural and efficient

FLUISORB® is a mixed product consisting of cotton (30%) and regenerated cellulose (70%). The latter is produced from natural wood fibres.

A precisely harmonised mixture of dry and preconditioned FLUISORB® granulate ensures instant absorption of hydrocarbons and secure retention of the pollutant in the binding agent.


Environmentally friendly

Compared to synthetic fibres manufactured on the basis of crude oil, the production process of generated cellulose has a significantly lower impact on the increase of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere and therefore the greenhouse effect.

Most commercially available oil binders consist of non-renewable raw materials. In turn, their use is highly questionable from a biological and environmental policy standpoint. These non-renewable raw materials are not created in human lifespans; rather, across geological or astronomical periods of time. Using these raw materials contradicts the principle of ecological sustainability!


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