Product properties

  • How does FLUISORB® work?

    FLUISORB® stores hydrocarbons through absorption. The FLUISORB® granulate absorbs instantly and then transfers the absorbed fluid into the pores of the binding agent where the fluid is sustainably stored.

    FLUISORB® exhibits a high ratio of surface to mass. This way, fluids are quickly and sustainably removed from surfaces. This also particularly applies to biodiesel!

    The benefits of FLUISORB® at a glance

    Excellent Efficiency and Cost Savings:

    • Extremely high absorption capacity: 1 kg FLUISORB® binds 5.64 l light heating oil
    • A binding agent for all fluids (apart from concentrated acids)
    • Contains the extra power to absorb biodiesel
    • Approved for public road surfaces (type III R)
    • Very fast absorption speed
    • Easy to handle through practical binding of 5 kg with approx. 30 l absorption
    • Saves up to 60% on disposal costs

    Very Safe:

    • Not oxidising - anti-flammable properties
    • Instant absorption of all fluids
    • Surface of the absorbed material is reduced
    • Labelling is not mandatory
    • Safety through visibility

    Relieves and Protects Our Environment

    • Consists of renewable raw materials
    • Environmentally-friendly production
    • 100% biodegradable in a non-contaminated state
    • Optimal disposal characteristics
    • Made in Germany

    FLUISORB® direct comparison

    • Emergency Services are Relieved

      Fast and sustainable absorption of pollutants significantly reduces the working time and strain on the emergency services. The large absorption capacity and reduced weight of the FLUISORB® material also significantly reduces the physical strain on staff, as well as disposal and transport costs.

      Safety on the Road

      The FLUISORB® granulate takes effect deep into the road surface and, if applied professionally according to the current oil binding regulations, ensures a dry and safe road surface.

      FLUISORB® not only protects the environment: The bright yellow colouring of the packaging can be seen at distance both day and night, and alerts to a possible hazard. This way, road users can react in time.

      Use and Disposal

      FLUISORB® can be used without any particular prior knowledge and then disposed.

      Upon disposal, only a small amount of combustion residue remains: approx. 2 %. An excellent energy yield is thus possible! FLUISORB® is not a hazardous substance and according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances/EU does not require mandatory labelling. Water Class 1 applies for the unused, non-contaminated product.

      The non-contaminous raw materials used to produce FLUISORB® are completely biodegradable and decompose in a residue-free manner.

    FLUISORB® flammability test

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