Special Applications

We provide tailor-made solutions for specific applications.

Special types of Kalle Sponge Cloths enable numerous special applications: Based on special types and the various options for customer-specific design, Kalle provides its customers with the opportunity to jointly develop solutions for special applications and technical problems.

In this section you will find a selection of what we have already realised. Do you have an application that might be suitable for Kalle Sponge Cloths? Talk to the sponge cloth professionals from Germany!

Kalle Sponge Cloth for Udder Hygiene

The lowest possible level of germs, best raw milk quality and, ultimately, full payment when selling the milk, all require reliable means to improve dairy and thus udder hygiene.

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Industrial and handicraft painting

Kalle Sponge Cloths wipe up grinding dust particles without leaving any residue and allow the cleaned surface to be dried quickly.

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Sponge cloth as an evaporating medium

The Kalle sponge cloth is not only excellent at absorbing water, but also at releasing it into the air. For this purpose, we provide special types of cloths.

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Medical Applications

Kalle Sponge Cloths are also excellent for being formed into electrode bags.

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Beekeepers use the Kalle Sponge Cloth as an evaporating medium for agents to combat the bee disease varroatosis.

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Sound Absorption

The Kalle Sponge Cloth is ideally suited for absorbing sound.

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