Professional cleaning

Save money and resources with the Kalle sponge cloth.

Kalle Sponge Cloths are held in high esteem by professional cleaners: Dry sponge cloths are delivered without moisture and therefore only require half the amount of storage space. The costs for transport and storage are halved in the process.

Consistent and thorough cleaning

Kalle Sponge Cloths are perfect for wet cleaning. They absorb bacteria and germs optimally and transfer these to the dirty water. Sponge cloths are delivered in the larger professional formats. The sponge cloth can be used several times on every round of cleaning by folding it repeatedly. The straight creasing edge enables smear-free and uniform cleaning.

Custom-designed professional packs

The available colours support every desired colour code to enable differentiation of the application areas. If you so wish, we can design custom professional packs for you, starting from 100,000 packs annually.