Medical Applications

  • Sponge Cloth in Electromedicine

    As an internationally recognised company, medicine benefits from Kalle's more than 50 years' experience in producing sponge cloths. Kalle lives up to these expectations through innovative developments and the highest-quality technology. Plate electrodes are laid in moistened sponge cloths and transfer the stimulation current onto the tissue to be treated. The effect normally takes place quickly.

    Pain, neuralgia, circulatory disorders, orthopaedic diseases (ischialgia, tendovaginitis, arthrosis) and other physical functional limitations have been treated for a long time using electrotherapy.

    Precisely dosed direct or alternating current flows through the human body or body parts and creates relief. The electrical current is delivered to the skin surface with the help of electrodes. In this process, the electrical conductivity between the skin and electrode shall be as great as possible; the Kalle Sponge Cloth is an indispensable medium for this transfer.

    • The Kalle Sponge Cloth fulfils the highest valid requirements for medical applications: Can be sterilised through physical (e.g., thermal, radiotherapy) and chemical processes (e.g., ethylene oxide). Further excellent characteristics of the Kalle Sponge Cloth include its high level of dermatological and environmental compatibility, non-interference property, pleasant softness and nevertheless "grippy" nature, high level absorption and durability, suitability for boil and machine washing, and lint-free working.

      The sponge cloth material used for this application is even approved for skin contact, free of biocides and magnesium chloride, and therefore completely dermatologically compatible.